Kavli NTC Neurolunch Seminar

Sponsored by KIBS and the NeuroTechnology Center
April 12, 2016

April 12th, 2016

Ying Ma, PhD student (Hillman Lab)

"The neuronal basis of resting state hemodynamics"

Speaker Bio:
I am currently a 4th year PhD student of Department of Biomedical Engineering. I work in Dr. Elizabeth Hillman’s lab and study the cerebral neurovascular coupling in resting-state animals and its relation with interpreting neuroimaging signals and functional connectivity. 

Presentation Summary:
The signals measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging provide only a hemodynamic proxy for underlying neural activity. Especially in the absence of external stimulation, the ‘neurovascular coupling’ relationship between neural activity and hemodynamics hasn’t been thoroughly validated. To record both neuronal and vascular activity simultaneously, wide-field fluorescence imaging of transgenic Thy1-GCaMP mice was combined with concurrent optical intrinsic signal imaging. These recordings revealed wide-spread, synchronous and symmetric patterns of neural activity across the brain, which were found to be able to accurately predict spontaneous ‘resting state’ hemodynamics both spatially and temporally and in both awake and anesthetized states. Our model used a pixel-wise hemodynamic response function (HRF) based model. Although transient decoupling were observed, our results suggest that resting-state neuroimaging signals indeed reflect underlying neural activity.



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