Recent News and Publications

Apr 2016 (News & Events) Seminar at NYU School of Medicine: David Anderson (Cal Tech/HHMI) presents the Annual Eric J. Simon Lecture in Basic and Translational Neuroscience. Title: Genetic dissection of social behavior circuits in flies and mice. Thursday 4/28/16, 11am ... Read
Apr 2016 (News & Events) Mariano Gabitto, a PhD candidate in Charles Zuker's lab, will present his thesis seminar on Monday, April 25, at 10 AM. The title of his presentation is “Dissecting Interneuron Diversity, One Cell Type at a Time."   ... Read
Apr 2016 (News & Events) Neurobiology & Behavior seminar, Thursday, 4/21/16, presented by Diana Bautista, PhD, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley, entitled “Itchy & Scratchy: Molecular mechanisms of acute and chronic itch."   ... Read
Apr 2016 (News & Events) Kavli NTC Neurolunch: Tuesday April 19th, 12 noon, Teal Eich (Stern Lab), "Age-based dissociations in neural networks associated with task-switching based conflict resolution."   ... Read
Apr 2016 (News & Events) Seminar in Neurobiology & Behavior: Thursday 4/14/16, 12 noon: William Yang (UCLA), "Integrated Genetic and Genomic Approaches to Dissect Huntington’s Disease."   ... Read
Apr 2016 (News & Events) April 12th, 2016 12:00PM Ying Ma, PhD student (Hillman Lab) ... Read