Recent News and Publications

Dec 2017 (News & Events) Upcoming NB&B Seminars: 12/7/17 - Greg DeAngelis, "Neural mechanisms for perceiving object motion during self-motion" 12/14/17 - Kwanghung Chung, "Towards holistic imaging and phenotyping of intact biological systems." ... Read
Dec 2017 (News & Events) NB&B Student Thesis Defenses, 12/15/17: Mary Youssef, "Developmental manipulation of the hippocampal dentate gyrus to investigate the effects of early life stress on adult dentate function;" Samuel Clark, "Characterization of striatal direct and indirect path neurons during motor learning and anxiety." ... Read
Dec 2017 (News & Events) Neurology Grand Rounds, 12/8/17: Scott Small, "Regional vulnerability as a key to Alzheimer's disease" ... Read
Nov 2017 (News & Events) Monday, 12/4/17, Seminar in Society and Neuroscience: Stanislas Dehaene, "Educating the brain: how the acquisition of reading and mathematics affects human brain circuits." ... Read
Nov 2017 (News & Events) NB&B Seminars: 11/30/17, 12pm: Guopeng Feng (MIT), "Thalamic reticular nucleus dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders." 12/7/17, 12pm: Greg DeAngelis (U Rochester), "Neural mechanisms for perceiving object motion during self-motion." ... Read
Nov 2017 (News & Events) Dept. of Psychiatry Special Seminar, 11/16/17, 3pm: Pierre-Hervé Luppi (INSERM-CNRS), "Cortical activation during paradoxical (REM) sleep and its implication in learning and memory." ... Read