Recent News and Publications

Jun 2018 (News & Events) Save the Date: 40th Spencer Lecture will be 10/9/18. Awardees: Silva Arber and Botond Roska ... Read
Jun 2018 (News & Events) Neuroscience Symposium: “Memory, Mind and Mechanism: A Symposium in Honor of the Centenary of Brenda Milner,"  scheduled for Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Caspary Auditorium at The Rockefeller University. ... Read
Jun 2018 (News & Events) NB&B Seminars - 6/7/18: Cagla Erogul (Duke University), "How do astrocytes sculpt synaptic circuits?" 6/14/18: Myriam Heiman (MIT), "Cell type-specific profiling and genetic screening in mouse models of Huntington's Disease." ... Read
May 2018 (News & Events) The 2018 Kavli Prizes were announced on May 31, 2018. Leare more about the laureates. ... Read
May 2018 (News & Events) Thesis Defense: Ying Ma (Sponsor - Elizabeth Hillman), 5/31/18, "Analysis of resting-state neurovascular coupling and locomotion-associated neural dynamics using wide-field optical mapping." ... Read
May 2018 (News & Events) NB&B student thesis defense 6/1/18: Blair Jenkins (Lumpkin Lab), "Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Mammalian Touch Receptor Patterning." ... Read