Recent News and Publications

Sep 2014 (News & Events) Special Seminar: Wei Min, KIBS Investigator from the Department of Chemistry, "Seeing Molecular Vibrations: Chemical Imaging for Biomedicine," Wednesday 9/17, 1pm, Kolb 3rd Floor Conference Room ... Read
Sep 2014 (News & Events) Kavli Prize Week commences September 8-11: The Kavli Prizes will be presented September 9th, with special forums and lectures in the days before and after. ... Read
Sep 2014 (News & Events) Nikos Logothetis will present the first annual Rodolfo Llinás Lecture at NYU Langone on September 8th, on NET-fMRI of large-scale brain networks. ... Read
Sep 2014 (News & Events) Ana Calabrese, from the lab of KIBS Investigator Sarah Woolley, will defend her doctoral thesis on Thursday, September 4th, 1pm in Fairchild Room 700. ... Read
Jul 2014 (News & Events) KIBS Investigator Rene Hen joined Mazen Kheirbek to write a feature for Scientific American on the role new neurons play in distinguishing memories. ... Read
Jun 2014 (News & Events) Congrats to KIBS Co-Director Tom Jessell, winner of the 2014 Neuroscience Prize from the Gruber Foundation ... Read