Recent News and Publications

Feb 2016 (News & Events) Neurolunch, Tuesday, February 2nd, 12:00PM: Kui Tang (PhD Candidate), Jebara Lab, "Bethe Learning of Graphical Models via MAP Decoding"   ... Read
Jan 2016 (News & Events) Neurobiology and Behavior Seminar, Thursday 1/14, noon: ROY V. SILLITOE (Baylor College of Medicine), "Synaptic Origins of Cerebellar Disease" ... Read
Jan 2016 (News & Events) Neurolunch, Tuesday, 1/12, noon: Clay Lacefield (Bruno Lab), "Behavioral rewards influence top-down inputs into primary sensory cortex via apical dendrites"   ... Read
Jan 2016 (News & Events) Seminar in Neurobiology & Behavior, Thursday 1/7, 12p: ANDRES MARICQ, PhD (University of Utah), "The Machinery of Memory: Delivery, Removal and Plasticity" ... Read
Jan 2016 (News & Events) Neurolunch January 5th, 12 noon: Eddie Vogel (Morrison Lab), "Investigating primary blast-induced functional changes within organotypic hippocampal slice cultures" ... Read
Dec 2015 (News & Events) Neurolunch 12/15/15: Luis Carrillo Reid, Yuste Lab, "Imprinting and recalling cortical ensembles with two-photon optogenetics in vivo" ... Read