Neurobiology & Behavior Student Thesis Defenses

Upcoming thesis defenses
December 17, 2018

Upcoming thesis defenses from the Program in Neurobiology and Beahavior:


Joshua Chalif

Laboratory of George Mentis

Ventral Spinocerebellar Tract Neurons are Essential for Mammalian Locomotion

Monday, 12/17/18

2 pm

Todd Amphitheater, P&S 16-405



Clare E. Howard

Laboratory of Richard Mann

Slow and Steady: Serotonergic Interneurons Modulate Drosophila Walking Behavior

Thursday, 12/20/18

10 am

Greene Science Center, L7-119



Adan Horta

Laboratory of Stavros Lomvardas

Cell type-specific interchromosomal interactions as a mechanism for transcriptional diversity

Friday, 12/21/18

3 pm

Greene Science Center, L8-084