Kavli Institute NeuroLunch

Sponsored by KIBS and the NeuroTechnology Center
May 17, 2016

May 17th, 2016
Ho Sung Rhee, PhD (Wichterle Lab)
"Stage-specific recruitment of Isl1 reveals dynamic enhancer landscape in postmitotic motor neurons"


Speaker Bio:
During my Ph.D. training in Frank Pugh’s lab, I developed a high-resolution mapping method for DNA-binding proteins, and revealed how chromatin structure is organized and genes are regulated by transcription factors at near nucleotide resolution. I am interested in genome-wide characterization of the regulatory circuitry that specifies and maintains cell identity during differentiation into postmitotic motor neurons.

Presentation Summary:
It is currently unknown how genomic regulatory regions control gene expression programs to maintain cell identity in postmitotic neurons. We mapped genome-wide enhancer landscape of embryonic stem cells differentiating into spinal hypaxial motor neurons. Stable motor neuron expression programs are controlled by highly dynamic regulatory elements engaged by stage-specific transcriptional complexes.


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